Ruger LCR with LaserMax Kydex Holster

The Ruger LCR is an incredibly popular option for personal protection. Statureman Custom Holsters offers a number of holster options for the LCR.

LCR's we can make a holster for:

Ruger LCR 357/9mm/38sp/.22
Ruger LCR357/9mm/38sp/22 with CT Laser Grip
Ruger LCR 357/9mm/38sp/22 with LaserMax CF-LCR

The .357, 9mm, 3 special, and .22 cal version all fit in the same holster.

Holster models for the LCR: Statureman Custom Full Size, Statureman AIWB Tuckable, and Statureman A/IWB Non-Tuckable.

Starting in January 2017 the LCR with LaserMax CF-LCR is now a standard offering and there is no need to send your laser in for custom pressing.    

Check out this video with a review of the Statureman Custom Full Size holster for LCR with Lasermax CF-LCR
PLEASE NOTE: Holsters made to accommodate the LRC with LaserMax CF-LCR WILL NOT work for the LCR with the laser not attached.