Supported Pistols

This list shows the pistol models we are able to make holsters for here at Statureman Custom Holsters.

If you have a variant of any pistol listed here that has the exact same width, rail/slide profile and trigger guard dimensions of anything listed here if will most likely fit.  Variations in grip length/size or aftermarket grips typically do not affect fit.

Let us know if you have questions on compatibility.  Don't see yours on this list? See #5 on our FAQ

Beretta 92FS&W 4006 TSW
Beretta Nano*
Beretta PX4 Storm 9/40S&W M&P .22
Beretta Storm Compact 9/40S&W Bodyguard.380
Beretta PX4 Storm Sub Compact 9/40S&W J Frame 2 Inch
Bersa Thunder 380S&W M&P Shield 9/40
Browning High PowerS&W M&P 45 Compact, 4.5", Long Slide

S&W M&P  9/40   Full Size 4.25", 9/40L 5"
Colt 1911 5" style ( Most 1911 Manufacturers)S&W M&P 9/40 Compact 3.5"
Colt 1911 Commander 4.25" style 
Colt Defender 3"  (and most 3' 1911)SIG M11-A1
CZ 75 B  (+Original CZ75)SIG Railed 1911 5 inch (Scorpion, Tactical Etc.)
CZ 75 CompactSIG Scorpion Carry 1911 4.2 inch
CZ75 P-07
CZ 75 SP-01
CZ75 Compact P-01
SIG P220, P220 w/rail
FNS 9/40
FNP 9/40
SIG P226, P226 w/rails, P226 MK 25
FNX 9/40SIG P228 Non-Railed
FNX 45, 45 TacticalSIG P229  Non-Rail (9mm/Gen 1 Slide only)
SIRT by Next Level TrainingSIG P229 DAK w/Rails

SIG P229R Made Pre 2010, 2011 and later
Glock 19/23/32/25SIG P238* 11/16 and 13/16th slide variants
Glock 17/22/31SIG P239
Glock 20/21/21sf SIG P250 Full Size
Glock 20/21/21sf/21sf w/ Pic. RailSIG P250 Compact First Gen
Glock 26/27/33SIG P250 Compact w/ Picatinny Rail 
Glock 34/35SIG P290
SIG P365
Glock 29/30/30sf Sig P938*
Glock 30SSiG P320 Full Size, P320 Compact/Carry

Glock 36Springfield Operator 1911-A1 5"
Glock 41Springfield 1911 A1 5"
Glock 42
Glock 43
Springfield GI .45 1911 A1 5"

H&K HK45
Springfield Micro Compact 1911 3"
H&K P30
H&K P2000, P2000SK , P2000 Euro
Springfield XDS 3.3", 4.0" 9/45
H&K USP .45Springfield TRP w/Rail 1911 5"
H&K USP 9/40, 9/40 CompactSpringfield XD 9/40/45  4", 5 "
Springfield XD 9/40 Sub Compact 3"
Springfield XD Mod 2, 3.3in 45
KAHR PM45*Springfield XD Mod 2 9mm 4 and 5 inch
KAHR PM9*  (does NOT fit CM9)Springfield XDM 3.8"  9/40/45
Karh K 9/40Springfield XDM 4.5", 5.25" 9/40/45
KAHR P380*, P380 w/CT Laserguard
KAHR CW45Steyr M9-A1 (and M40-A1 variant)
KEL TEC PF9*Taurus Millennium Pro 140
Kimber Solo Carry*, Solo CDP*Taurus Model 85
Ruger LCR 357/9mm/38sp/22,
Ruger LCR357/9mm/38sp/22 with CT Laser Grip
Ruger LCR 357/9mm/38sp/22 with Lasermax CF-LCR

Ruger LC9*, with CT Laser Guard*Walther P99 (Gen 2 and 3 only)
Ruger LCP*, LCP with CT Laser Guard*Walther PPQ  M1, M2, M2 5"  (9mm only)
Ruger SP101 3"Walther PPS  M1 + M2
Ruger SR9Walther PPX
Ruger SR9cWalther PPK
Ruger SR22  3.5", 4.5"Walther PPK/S
Ruger P95

*See StatureMini order page to order OWB/IWB Modular style holster for these small pistol models.