Minimalist Kydex Holster

Minimalist Kydex HolsterThe Minimalist came at the request of one of our customers and is designed for those who prefer the gun to sit lower at the belt line with a minimum of material. 

This holster is very popular with LEO/private security personnel that sit in patrol/chase cars for long hours and/or don't need the muzzle covered.

Every Minimalist comes shipped with our  "Minimal" style belt loops. Ride height and/or cart can be adjusted by flipping one or both of the loops.
Minimalist Kydex Holster
Also completely compatible with modular IWB soft loops  (sold separately) for IWB carry.

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Draw Angle
Belt Loops Size
Rivet Color
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Attn Customers: Please note new orders are currently not being accepted.

The Minimalist will NOT accommodate a weapon mounted light.

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