New Orders suspended as of 2023

June 30th 2023

New orders for Statureman Custom Holsters are still on hiatus.  We have plans for the Statureman brand in the future. The website will be kept live and additional content on new carry options on the market will will be added regularly to help you find a carry method and gear that works for you.

Warranty support is still active. 

We recommend checking out the CCW Fanny Pack by Tight Chutes if you are looking for a way to carry that offers the level of performance of a Statureman Custom Holster.   

May 25 2022- 

new orders via the website are being put on hold 

for the spring and summer season. Open orders as of the end of May will be filled as placed.  If you have a special request please email to see if there is time in the schedule to accommodate an order. 

All shipping and policy information has been updated.

All shipping and policy information has been updated.

We have created a number of pages featuring pistols we make holsters for or to help you learn how to carry: