Thumb Break

Need active/level 2 retention on your holster due to LEO department restriction or duty use, etc?

Add a thumb break to your Statureman Custom Holster, IWB, or Light Bearing Holster!

The Statureman Thumb Break is an add-on to your custom holster. It is made with the same hi-strength coated material as our IWB Soft Loops and utilizes a Mil-Spec Pull the Dot Snap.
The Thumb break will add level 2 retention. The holster will also fully retain the pistol with the snap disengaged.

(This item is not sold Stand-alone, it's an add-on to our holsters)

Note: The thumb break is molded into the holster when the holster is first made, so it is not possible to add after the fact. 

To order: add the Thumb break to cart from the  Accessories/Add-Ons/ Custom Options Menu found on the order pages.

If you are ordering more than one holster please indicate what pistol gets a thumb break in the custom options text box. Thanks!

The Thumb break can be added to OWB or IWB holster to satisfy off-duty requirements for most LEO.

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