Customer Comments

"My holster arrived today. It's a perfect fit, beautifully finished, and comfortable. An excellent example of quality workmanship. I'm very happy with it. I'll keep you in mind for any future holsters."

Thanks again,
Charles K.

" Just got my order for 1911 light bearing holster and two mag pouches.

The holster is EXCELLENT!  "

Antonio R.

"I got my Generation One AIWB holster on Saturday and I can't tell you how much I love it. Beautiful craftsmanship! Fits my P938 like a glove.

From what your website was saying, I wasn't expecting it to be arriving for a few weeks, so it was a surprise to see it so fast.

Thanks for the amazing holster,"

Joe I.


"I just wanted to compliment your work on the holster you made for my glock 26. I have been a police officer for 6 years now and during that time I have been searching for reliable, yet concealable owb holster for my off duty glock. My search has now ended and your product is only one I will use for this firearm, especially with the iwb loops offered for it. I will be recommending your services to all of my fellow officers."
James H.

"I don't wow easily but that holster I got from you is awesome now my only problem is getting rid of the other 40 holsters I own and replace them with 3 more of yours. Thank you 5 stars."



"I have run SERPAs, G-Codes, Safariland, and Fobus holsters, and after using your holsters I will never go back to that junk."

Robert, B.


"Hi Caleb,

Quick email to let you know that your kydex rig arrived in the mail today.  Nice, Very Nice workmanship, I am impressed!  Watched the belt loop installation video added the loops and put it on.  Thanks so much, keep an eye out for my next order soon!"

-Jeff W.


"Wow...that was fast."

"I received the holster today.  It's perfect!."

-Robert L.


"Just received my order and more than thrilled with it.  Not only does it fit my Glock 19 PERFECT, it also does a great job with my ISSC M22.  Thanks so much!!!!!!!   Future orders will be on the way!!



"Badass holster... I have a ("brand") holster the quality [of yours] is just as good if not better."

-Sean L.


"...I just received my holster in the mail. I just wanted to tell you that I'm extremely impressed by the quality of the holster. It's strong and the retention is unbelievable. I will definitely be recommending you to friends."

-Josh Smith

"Holster is so GOOD"

"Now that I have had time with your holster I believe your design is wonderful. Love the pancake style with kydex. It works well with my daily carry OWB CCW as well as some competition. The holster is comfortable and utilitarian and it is everything I was looking for when I bought it: high and tight to body. A very clean design.  I am very satisfied.

The Sig P226 is large but when I carry with your holster it works perfectly for me.

Thanks and good job.

Peace out."

Peter  H.


"******* outstanding work!

I can't believe you got that holster to be the same size as my other. Mag carriers are great. New size is exactly what I wanted. "

-Jason P.


"I'm very happy with the StatureMini you built for my S&W Shield. Fit & finish are perfect; I can't even tell I'm wearing it. I'm glad this is only the second holster I've purchased for this handgun! Won't have to keep looking now. I will recommend your brand whenever I can.

Thanks again,"

Mark Z.


 "I just got my holster and mag holder in for my Dan Wesson Guardian. Great work!! Fit was perfect."

Mike J.



Just wanted to say thank you for a job well done on my XD holster with the TLR-1 combo! I have shown it to my fellow shooters and they are impressed at the way the holsters look, as am I. Great quality and craftsman ship. Will definitely purchase another holster when I purchase a new handgun.