How to Concealed Carry on a Bike

CCW on a Bike
Cycling, be it biking or motorcycling, with a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) comes with many additional challenges compared to being on your feet.  Tighter clothes, the chance of a crash, or parking and getting off the bike all contribute to the difficulty.  As a holster maker I always suggest a holster with good retention and concealability, but this is not enough on a bike.

When biking armed outdoors with dangerous animals, or in an urban environment, you need to make sure the gun stays with you and can be drawn quickly, but also doesn't draw unnecessary attention. It also needs to reliably move with you as you ride at different speeds.

For these and the below reasons we recommend the Voyager Pack featuring M.A.R.S. by Tight Chutes.

Many concealed carriers are worried about printing. And justifiably so for any number of reasons. Whether for a tactical advantage, or to it being a legal conundrum in the state that you are in, it's to your advantage to carry in a way that minimizes printing. Unfortunately, strong side carry while on a bike can lead to printing, and AIWB is almost impossible due to body position.

Weapons Retention:
Over the years I have made several different options for retaining a pistol, the most popular of which has been the thumb-break holster.  While a properly built thumb-break is effective at retaining the pistol during a crash, or high movement this doesn't solve any of the issues of printing while on a bike, or how uncomfortable it is to carry a pistol A/IWB. Using a fanny pack with proper build quality and a weapons retention system such as the M.A.R.S. there is very little chance of loosing the pistol to a fall or awkwardly having to transition from some type of bike-mounted carry system. 

Urban Camouflage:  In an urban environment most people don't look twice at someone on a bicycle or jogging while they're wearing a fanny pack. It's expected.  

Check out the  Voyager Pack featuring M.A.R.S. by Tight Chutes.