IWB Soft Loops

These Soft Loops will enable you to carry IWB with your Statureman Modular Holster. 

They are made in-house with Mil-Spec Pull The Dot Snaps and a specially-selected material that boasts a 1000 lb tensile strength due to it's woven core.  They are adjustable to accommodate belt sizes from 1.25 in to 2 in.

$16.99 Per Pair On Sale!

IWB Soft Loops (Adjustable)

Please note: the snaps on these loops may be very tight to start out. A flat blade screw driver or similar tool will allow you to snap them open. Insert it between the snap heads on the outside of the loop at the top and twist to open. The snaps will loosen up with repeated use.  (You may cut off excess sizing length without voiding the warranty, but the warranty will only apply to the remaining material.)