Tuckable IWB Soft Loops

Product may differ from shown.
Go even lower profile with with your IWB carry with these Tuckable IWB Soft Loops.

Made in-house with our improved IWB Soft Loops, Tuckable IWB Soft Loops allow you to tuck your shirt in over the gun for complete concealment.

They are adjustable to accommodate belt sizes from 1.25 in to 2 in.

Tuckable IWB Soft Loops (Adjustable)

Run fixed with two screws in (as shown), or just one screw in each to allow for rotation and better comfort. Plates can also be removed for untucked IWB carry as well. Simply use the longer screws that come packed with the loops. (You may cut off excess length soft loop material without voiding the warranty, but the warranty will only apply to the remaining material.)

If you own IWB soft loops already you can purchase the tuckable plates in the menu to add tuckability.