Mounting Hardware


Note: this is a small vial, but will last you a while as each screw only needs a small drop to lock properly.



Need extra mounting hardware for your modular holster  accessories?

Mounting set includes 1 each:
-Slotted Steel Binding Post BlackOxide Finish 1/4"
-Black Oxide Phillips Machine Screw, (18-8)
-Neoprene o-Ring

*Note if you are buying hardware for an AIWB holster please order from the individual piece hardware below.



ala carte mounting hardware - 1 each


Suede Patch

Use this self adhesive Suede patch to apply to the outside of your IWB holster to help accommodate your comfort, anatomy, and method of carry. . Cut and apply as needed. available in two sizes.  (do not apply to inside of holster.)